Part-time courses 2016–2017

Summer and weekend courses

Nature dyeing summer course: NEW! FULLY BOOKED

5th of June - 9th of June 2017

Machine knitting summer course: NEW! FULLY BOOKED

5th of June - 16th of June 2017

Weaving summer course: FULLY BOOKED 120 lessons in 4 weeks: 
12th June- 7th July 2017. 

Embroidery  summer course: 
12-16, 19-22, 26-27 of June 2017, in total 11 days.

Send us a letter or email with your name, address, phone number, date of birth and which course you wish to take. The application must be sent in before the 1st of April each year. The courses start at week 24 and the course fee must be paid at the latest at the start of the course.

Weekend courses

The school also offers a number of courses on evenings and weekends.

All class instructions are in Swedish. Non-Swedish speaking students are requested to prepare for their studies by attending an intensive course in Swedish. Information available on request.