Constan Lea

Constan  Lea

It was during a 9-month journey in Asia 6 years ago, after the completion of a master's of science, that I realized that textiles were to be my life occupation. Ever since, I have been experimenting with transforming textile matter.

I have worked mostly with shibori dyeing, and I joined handarbetets vänner in order to learn weaving, and to bring myself nearer to the Swedish textile arts community.

One of my current preoccupations is finding interesting ways to give the impression of light through color and material combinations. I am also working on increasing the conceptual complexity of my projects in order to reach new sets of possibilities. I am primarily drawn to fashion but I feel that I cannot define that which I am attempting to do beyond these boundaries. I hope that my work speaks to you.

Hail to the sun

Den här klänningen skapades inom ramen för projektet "tyg för kropp eller rum". Tyget består av silke och lin vävt genom plissévävteknik.