Friends Of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner is one of the oldest and most distinguished Handicraft and textile institutions in Sweden.

FoH / HV was founded on the initiative of Sophie Adlersparre in 1874. Its founding aims were to enhance Swedish textile handicraft. Since then, the association has taken the lead in a number of important developments such as female entrepreneurship and emancipation, innovatory textile design and advanced technical handicraft. The aims of FoH / HV are to be an active and outreaching center for education, development, production and experimentation of advanced textiles and design.

Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner Studio

Masters and journeymen continue to work in the studio of FoH / HV Studio – one of Europe’s few remaining studios for textile art and craft. This cooperation between Sweden’s leading artists and designers and FoH / HV Studio’s skilled craftsmen has led to continuous innovation and high quality work. References include; couture designers like Lars Wallin, design- and art institutions like the Modern Museum in Stockholm and University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and governmental institutions like Stockholm City Hall, the Swedish Parliament and the Headquarter of United Nations.

Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner Licium

FoH / HV Studio also produces both new and renovated church textile and art works for churches under the brand-name ‘Licium’. The aim of the production has always been to renew artistic expression within sacral textiles, resulting in continuous collaborations with a variety of artists. FoH / HV is represented in the majority of Swedish churches. 

Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner School

Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner has been operating weaving school since 1881. Today, we offer a variety of courses in advanced textile handicraft and textile art, ranging from full-time Advanced Diploma Level to Foundation Level. The education is given by experts and pedagogues in textile craft techniques and we put a great emphasis on the individual artistic expression – as well as profound textile craft skills.

Every year, 48 students develop their skills in our three-year-long full-time course and about 300 students attend short courses during weekends and evenings. Since 1st of July 2015, the school is conducted under the supervision of The Arts and Culture courses which includes well established and recognized post-secondary artistic educations. Students enrolling for full time courses are eligible to apply for grants.

Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner Gallery

The FoH / HV Gallery is one of few textile galleries in Sweden aiming to showcase the variety of textile- and needle art to the public. Textile expressions from artists, studios and students mediate the story of contemporary national and international textile art. Inside FoH / HV Gallery, FoH / HV Boutique is located where unique material and equipment, textile craft and literature is available for purchase.