Friends Of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner School

Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner School offers both full-time programs and part-time courses in advanced textile handicraft and textile art. The school is one of the most renowned post-secondary educations in the artistic fields covered by the Regulation of Art and Culture Education.


Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner has been operating weaving school since 1881. Today, we offer a variety of courses in advanced textile handicraft and textile art. The education is given by experts and pedagogues in textile craft techniques and we put a great emphasis on the individual artistic expression – as well as profound textile craft skills.

Every year, 48 students develop their skills in our three-year-long full-time course and about 300 students attend short courses during weekends and evenings. Since 1st of July 2015, the school operates under the bylaw The Arts and Culture courses which includes well established and recognized post-secondary artistic educations. Students enrolling for full time courses are eligible to apply for grants.

The students at Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner School are offered to take part in various exhibitions, showcased to the public and to the commercial and industrial life. For example, the school exhibits at the Formex Trade Fair, Stockholm Furniture Fair and during the FoH / HV Open House. 

As your degree project, the students can choose between completing a final major project or apply for an apprenticeship in conjunction with your final project, in weaving or artistic embroidery. During the graduation exhibition which opens at the end of may, the graduates showcase their final major projects. The exhibition is open to the public the whole summer at FoH / HV Gallery. 

The open house for the full-time courses takes place yearly in March and in November for the short-courses.

You are also welcome to visit us during other times. Please get in touch to book your visit or if you have any questions.

Planning your studies

When planning your studies at FoH/HV School please remember that the school tuition fee do not include the cost of books or material. Students must also make their own living arrangements and make sure that they before arriving to Sweden are covered by insurance.

Swedish studies

Our teachers speak English but since the classes are conducted in Swedish we require all students to study the language. Further information regarding suitable language classes is available on request.

Residence permit

If you are accepted to FoH/HV School we will send you a formal certification. You will need this document when you apply to the Swedish Migration Board ( for a residence permit. The permit is required by law of any non-resident who wishes to study in Sweden for more than three months.

Send your letter of application for a residence permit at least three months before leaving for Sweden. Do not wait until the last minute; the application process can be time-consuming.

For recidence permit apply to:
SE-601 70 Norrköping

Contact us

Friends of Handicraft / Handarbetets Vänner's School
Djurgårdsslätten 82-84
SE-115 21 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 545 686 50
Fax: +46 8 545 686 54

We look forward to receive your application.

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